Sunday, May 18, 2008

The FA Cup 2008 - the last word?

So, we came, we saw but we didn't quite conquer. Despite all the optimism, and hope it wasn't to be. Nevertheless, runner's up isn't bad. Once you get to a final you don't want to be the runner up, but if someone had offered that to City at the beginning of the season, along with the two trips to Wembley, I rather think we'd have taken it.

I've uploaded a selection of photo's from the day on Flickr, so you can see that we really did go and have a great day.

Key thoughts from the day:
  • We gave as good as we got, and City did us proud
  • If we have half the support and commitment we had there yesterday, next season should be a good one
  • David Jones has done wondrous things with a limited squad
  • It was a great experience
  • Wembley is a magnificent stadium - on a par with the Milennium Stadium in Cardiff - better in some respects, worse in others
  • The price of food/drink at the stadium is atrocious - over a £5 for a hot dog!
  • If City hadn't been in the last 8, I'd have wanted Pompey to win - I was born near Portsmouth
  • The booing and whistling of Land of My Father by Pompey "fans"and God Save the Queen by City "fans" was rather predictable, sad, and a reflection on the state of the nation(s)
  • Similarly, the bloke 2 rows in front of us, there with what looked like his family including 2 teenage childrn - a girl and boy, who spent half the match effing and blinding (with his son) and Portsmouth fans (who couldn't hear him anyway) was pitiful.
  • City fans were glorious in defeat, still singing, cheering and clapping their team, applauding Pompey (mostly) and doing the "Ayatollah"! In particular, one bunch made me smile on the way out singing "Wer'e the famous Cardiff City and we've lost at Wemberly, Wemberly...."
  • I'd never have managed the semi final a week after my leg op - yesterday was 7 weeks post op, and boy did it hurt at the end of the day, but I wasn't going to miss it for anyone or anything!
Up the City!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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