Thursday, May 08, 2008

13,141 Minutes to go.... I write until Cardiff City kick off in the biggest match in their history.

What? hadn't I mentioned that they are in the FA Cup final on 17th May? I thought I had...

Anyway, although it was never in doubt, I received confirmation last night that our tickets had been bought, safe and sound (thanks Cardiff City Supporters Club) . It seems the only delay had been working out what size bus we needed!

Hopefully I'll be off my crutches by 17th (it's 6 weeks today since the op), and though I'm sure I won't be entering any marathons for a while I'll be able to make it from the bus to the stadium - I can always lean on Mini Stats anyway....

Oooer, it's getting exciting. Have to start thinking soon about which City shirt I'll wear, which hat etc etc...., and saving up for the extortionate price of burgers/snarlers/drinks/programmes etc that'll no doubt leave me fleeced by the end of the day - and that's without the ticket costs and bus travel!

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