Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Went for my first physio appointment today. Not too - bad - I think she was quite impressed with how far I could bend the knee, but apparently I'm not doing my exercises enough and there's some muscle wasting. She's given me a load more exercises to do and I see her again in just over a week. Hopefully by then I'll be ready to put some weight (just a little) on that leg.

Frankly I can't wait (sic) because I'm totally fed up hopping around on a pair of crutches. I feel totally useless.

I am sleeping better now, and getting very little discomfort from the wound or leg in general, and am pretty much off any sort of painkillers - just back to the standard anti-inflammatories that I was taking for non-related arthritis before the op.

Most of the bruising has disappeared (still a couple of purple/yellow blotches around). On the mend I think! Still not sure it's solved everything though - the knee is still clicking a bit.....

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