Thursday, April 24, 2008


My Dad calls them physio-terrorists and now I know why.
Not because they are harsh drum beating "do it more" and "do it faster", "feel the pain" type of people - though no doubt some are.

No, my physio is actually very nice - she very nicely told me off today for trying to do too much too early in my knee rehab.

I thought I was doing swimmingly well and ahead of schedule and would be ready for an episode of "Strictly Come Dancing" in a week or so, but she's firmly put the muckers on that. Basically she told me the schedule is the schedule and I can't be ahead of it! And...
  • I must do more exercises involving a priceless bit of stretchy green NHS rubber (I kid you not - about the stretchy rubber, not the priceless bit - looks like it's worth about 5p!)
  • I must absolutely NOT try and weight bear yet beyond touching my toes to the floor
  • I must go back in just over 2 weeks for another going over.
I had hoped to be back at work by then. Might still be yet, but we'll have to see what the Consultant says 2 weeks tomorrow.

Back to the crutches - it's really frustrating now!

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