Friday, April 18, 2008

Perception of value?

There's an interesting post over at PDA247 where the discussion broadly goes along the lines of "...because the Palm Centro is cheaper than most "average new smartphones" people's perceptions of it must be that it is less capable.

Whilst I think there is an undoubted link between price and value - think of the top brands and then think how many of them are cheaper than the competition - not many, I think this view is a bit harsh.

I've said as much in a response to the discussion, and no doubt I'll get lambasted for it by some return posts, but I stand by it.

I also think that PDA247 often seems to give the Centro (rather than Palm) a bad press generally. No other device - perhaps apart from the Treo 680, Treo 650 before it (see a pattern here?) seems to get such a going over, despite the fact that some of the regulars change devices quicker than their (I was going to say underwear, but as I can't prove that....) well, you know what I mean. This seems bizarre for a site that is at least in part dedicated to supporting and discussing the Palm platform.

Yes we know Palm are out of touch, but the Centro's a decent device - great value for the money you don't see sites like Palm Addicts saying how dreadful it is (though they don't post negatively at all I suppose), but loads of people there say how much they like the Centro.

I'm beginning to think it's a British thing......

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