Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My knee - update

My knee - update
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Well it's 6 days since my op. The swelling's going down slowly but the bruising is coming out. This is a picture of my left ankle (remember they operated on my shin & knee not my ankle!). The rest of my leg is this nice purple colour as well (too horrible to show on a family friendly blog). Just shows how brutal orthopaedic surgery can be.

I've reduced the painkillers. Not because I'm not in discomfort (I am) but because they were making me feel seriously worse than the pain - light headed, nauseous, drowsy etc. Lovely.

Talking of drowsy, the worst thing is trying to sleep at night. It's still an impossibility for me to get more than about an hour at a time because of the discomfort. I do take the stronger painkillers at night but it doesn't help much - it's the bruising more than anything that makes it so difficult to get in a position of comfort. Hopefully things will subside soon and I'll be able to get a decent night's sleep.

Luckily the kids are at home this week as part of their Easter break so can fetch & carry for me, but next week I'm on my own. I can get about on my crutches, but have you ever tried carrying a cuppa from the kitchen whilst using crutches? Not easy!

Throughout all this my wife has had the patience of a saint (that's why she's such a good nurse), and I'm going to have zillions of brownie points to make up once this is all over - but that won't be for a while yet!
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