Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More post surgery updates

Well it's closing in on 2 weeks since my high tibial osteotomy & arthroscopy on my left leg/knee. If you're a regular visitor you will hopefully have been following my occasional updates. It's a couple of days since my last post on this subject so where am I at now?

1. Bored. As I've recovered from the effects of the anaesthetic & mind altering painkillers (tramadol is horrible stuff) I've come to realise how boring it is feeling generally "well" but physically incapable of being able to do much.
2. I'm not in much pain thankfully because 1. pain hurts, and 2, taking tramadol to block out the pain works but makes you feel sick, dizzy and on another planet). I'm down to 2x Panadol Extra about twice a day but more for general aches and tenderness than out & out pain. However on a couple of occasions I've accidentally put my foot down on the floor (do you know how difficult it is to move on 1 foot only even using crutches?) it's been very painful sending a shooting pain up my leg - not recommended, which is why I guess I've been told not to weight bear for 4 weeks!
3. Bruising - It still looks like I've been beaten about the leg with a baseball bat.
4. Tired. Doing nothing (or very little) is incredibly tiring. Especially when I haven't had a full night's sleep for 2 weeks (because of the inability to get the leg comfortable at night), though it is getting better, and I'm only waking up a couple of times in the night now.
5. Swelling. My left leg is only about 1.5 times the size of the right one now! Marvellous!
6. Grateful. To my wife especially and kids for being so understanding and supportive whilst I'm so incapable!

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