Sunday, April 06, 2008


Here's a picture of my leg taken this morning, so you can all see what I've been moaning about for the last week or so.

In particular I'd like to draw your attention to the rather spectacular bruising running from mid-thigh right down to my ankle in shades of yellow and purple. This is much better than it looked mid-week I can assure you, when it was mostly dark purple/blue!

You can see the healing wound from the incision where they did the actual tibial osteotomy. Quite disappointing actually. I expected to be able to show off at least a 10 inch jagged scar for my troubles, but the incision is quite small. Makes you wonder how they managed to get the leg quite so colourful, but it's probably best not to ask!

You can't see the two tiny incisions that are on the actual knee from the arthroscopy that they decided to to at the same time - these have already healed nicely.

I've got the call for phyiso now, so next week no doubt will have to start some real exercise before my leg wastes away. Also have my first appointment with the consulant post op next week, so he'll hopefully be able to let me know how it all went (apart from the painfully obvious!).

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