Tuesday, April 22, 2008


We've got a new addition to our family as from tomorrow. Gizmo is a 3 year old tabby that we're homing from cat rescue centre called SHUA - right on our doorstep actually, though we didn't know it was there until recently.

We've considered getting a cat on and off for years, but there's always been a reason why we didn't - small house, small kids etc, but now the time is right.

Rather than getting a new kitten, we felt it right to re-home an unwanted cat (not unwanted by SHUA I hasten to say, who do a marvellous job). We had a look at those cats needing homes on SHUA's website and Gizmo stood out for us. He's had a rather unhappy past, so we're delighted to be offering him a home here with us.

He arrives tomorrow hopefully, so no doubt I'll be posting some more news about him shortly.

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