Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Europe? Not yet....

According to the BBC Sports web site, it appears that Cardiff City will be able to play in Europe next season, IF (and it's a very big if) they win the FA Cup on 17th May.

Currently, and technically, City as a side from Wales are ineligible to play in Europe even if the win the FA Cup because although they play in the English pyramid system, they are affiliated to the FA of Wales.

It's all a bit complicated, and rather silly considering they actually play in the English league system and have always done so, and I guess has never been of concern to anyone for donkeys years because no-one would have expected them to be in a position to be winning either the Premiership (not yet) or the FA Cup (maybe....just maybe....). So that's woken all the football beaurocrats up!

Even if we do it'll probably be a wild card place and we'll most likely end up playing a qualifying tie against some East European team no-one's ever heard of. Or Derry City. Still It would still be Europe.

Truth be told there's a long way to go. We have to beat Portsmouth first, although personally I think we can do it.

C'mon you Blooobirds...soaring off to Europe?

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