Saturday, April 26, 2008

End of season thiller: Burnley 3 - 3 City

Neither team had much to play for in the League although City players arguably are fighting for their Cup Final starting spot.

Nevertheless, both teams served up an entertaining six goal thriller, with the points eventually shared.

Joe Ledley, Aaron Ramsey and Steve Thompson (at last big man!) found the net for the Bluebirds.

Rather more worryingly, a defence that a couple of weeks ago looked solid as a rock, has now shipped nine goals in three games. I suppose you could argue that the defenders who have played so well are wary of injuries and/or a red card which would make them ineligble for THAT game, but that doesn't seem to have bothered Darren Purse who got himself sent off in the last minutes of the game!

I don't get it with Pursie. He's a whole hearted bloke - you can't deny him that, but sometimes he's just a plain liability. Together with Steve Thompson, who can almost guarantee they'll get themselves booked - it says it all that Johnson & Loovens have been the best pairing this season in central defence. Purse is the club captain, and has continually struggled to get a game.

City will appeal against the sending off, but I wouldn't hold out much hope - especially as it'll be the Welsh FA that the appeal goes to - given the recent slanging between various people and people with Wlesh FA connections about City playing in Europe, I'd suggest Pursie might as well start ironing his smart shirt, 'cause he ain't gonna be wearing a City one on 17th May.

One more League match now next Sunday against the side we beat in the semi's Barnsley - you just know they'll be up for revenge.

C'mon City!

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