Thursday, April 03, 2008

Email & web on a Palm device

Much as I love the Palm OS, there are a couple of annoyances.
First up email. Now I know html email is the spawn of Satan, but let's face it, most email these days is html formatted and it's a right pain to try and decipher in the default Palm email app (or Snappermail for that) what's being communicated without having to click on that annoying "view this email as a web page" link. Why? Because secondly, ths opens Blazer - Palm's thought on what a browser should look like, which is frankly terrible compared to Pocket IE or Opera Mobile. And worse, becaue of poor rendering 90% of the time the aforesaid email page is a pain to read in Blazer too.

Tonight for example I received Palm's latest "revamped" newsletter. Looked horrible in text in emial, so opened the view in web page link and guess what - horrible there too. Yes I could see the pretty html but only the left hand 50% of the screen. To see the rest I have to scroll right and even the columns aren't formatted properly for my Palm web bowser.

For a mobile only company like Palm to send out an html email they know user's devices won't display as email, and then display so poorly in their own web browser application is frankly a disgrace.

But perhaps it sums up where mobile computing really is at - caught in the void between desktop "want" and mobile "need".

Sent as a text email from my Centro.

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