Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad day

OK , two things to whinge about today. First and foremost, being virtually housebound (still on the bloody crutches) having access to the outside world via the 'net is great. But my internet connection has been down all day and still is.

I've checked and double checked connections, rebooted and reset everything, even spent 30 minutes on the phone to Pipex tech support (who weren't much help). I suspect some sort of problem at the exchange although the phone works OK or the modem bit of the modem/router is deado. I'll try again tomorrow before resorting to spending money on a new modem router.

Still, I have my smartphone(s) so have been able to retrieve email, check RSS feeds etc.

But long term browsing on the Palm Centro's Blazer browser is a bit of a pain which brings me to whinge number two. To browse the web on my HTC Vox smartphone I needed to get the SIM out of the Centro and put it in the Vox...

...and getting the SIM out of a Centro without some sort of sharp pointy tool is just about impossible. Palm couldn't have made it harder if they'd tried. It looks like it should just slide out but it doesn't. In the end and after about 20 minutes of cursing I resorted to a Stanley knife. How stupid is that to make it that hard to take a SIM out? Another great Palm design blooper.

Still I got it out in the end and now browsing and sending this on my HTC Vox.

I've also used the Stanley knife to cut a groove in the back of the SIM so I can get it out of the Centro more easily (or with less difficulty) next time.

Now, where did I put my crutches?

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