Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Promised Land

Surely Cardiff City can't chuck it away now? 9 games left in the Championship season, and City sit top of the pack, 7 points clear and more importantly 9 points clear of third and with a game in hand.

So often the "nearly men" in the last few seasons, it looks like the Bluebirds are finally going to make it to the promised land of the Premiership. And without wanting to count my chickens, it looks like years of aspiration will finally come to fruition.

Statistics rarely lie over the course of a marathon season, and City have ground out the points they need to sit at the head of the division. "Ground out" is the key here. City have, few games apart set the league apart with their fantasy football, but what they have had this year is strength and depth that's been lacking in seasons past.

So many times in the past we've looked at the bench on match days and thought there's no-one there who's going to change a game. This year, we've been bemoaning how such quality players as Kim, Mason, Helguson, even Bellamy at times, haven't been in the starting line up.

It's not over of course until the fat lady sings, but surely she's at least clearing her throat?

Up the City

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