Tuesday, March 05, 2013

City 1 - 1 Derby

A few things stood out for me tonight.

1. City were awful for most of the 90. They could hardly string three passes together, they gave the ball away, and they hoofed it rather than playing on the floor.

2. Derby were poor. But our failings made them look good.

3. The officials, and particularly the ref, were abysmal. Some of his decisions (both ways) were beyond belief.

4. The atmosphere was terrible part from a few minutes at the end when City finally found some urgency.

5. The red in the stadium had all but disappeared tonight

On the plus side, we're still top, we're five points clear with a game in hand. hat games comes next Tuesday, and we could really do with a confidence booster against Leicester. Hudson should be back which is a relief. The back four look very shaky without him. Bellamy will hopefully be back. We missed his energy and work rate tonight. I'd also consider playing Kimbo. Whitts is far of the form we know he can have, and we could do with a bit of craft and guile there. I can't see Malky dropping Whitts, so harsh though it might be, I'd probably leave Gunnar out. But I'm not the manager, and we'll see what transpires.

We need a win though. Watford's great run is continuing, and Hull are sure to bounce back. Palace are getting back into it. We have to keep believing and just do better than everyone else. It doesn't have to be pretty (though it helps). It's results that count. Come on City!


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