Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too nervous to post

As I've said before on more than a few occasions, it's never an easy ride with City.This Championship run-in is as nervous a time as I've ever had in the years I've been supporting City. So much so that I've not even posted much and missed commenting on the last two results v QPR and Preston.

On Saturday, it was still all in City's own hands. A simple equation. Win their remaining 4 matches and they'd be promoted, whatever anyone else did. But QPR aren't top of the table for nothing, and twice came back against City in a pulsating match. On any other day, you'd have taken the point, gone home aglow with the quality and the superb goals and had a few beers. This though, felt almost like a defeat, because that result combined with Norwich's thrashing of Ipswich on Thursday (thanks Ipswich) meant automatic promotion was out of our hands.

So to Deepdale, just two days later a place we've not had the happiest of times at recently. I was listening to this on the radio, and how we didn't win about 8-0 was anyone's guess, but we did win, although a 1-0 win where despite early superiority we were hanging on at the end wasn't quite how I'd scripted it.

And for much of the last few minutes of the match it looked like Derby were doing a job on Norwich. They'd pulled back to 2-2 and as the City game finished it looked like we were back in 2nd with it all in our hands again, but cruelly, Norwich scored in the 7th minute of added time (yes 7th) to win 3-2 and keep hold of 2nd spot.

So two more matches to go. Again we need someone to do us a favour against the Canaries but with their matches against Pompey and Coventry, both with nothing to play for except pride, it's hard to see them slipping up.

We have Boro on Monday, followed by our last match at Burnley on 7th May. It's not over yet, and f we don't get it, we still have the play offs, but after last year I'd really rather not go down that route again if we can avoid it.

Come on City!

Come on Pompey!

Come on Coventry!

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