Saturday, March 05, 2011

Excuse me?

Twitter is a marvellous medium. It's great that "celebs" and us ordinary folk can mix it together - or at least use the same medium - they rarely mix it with us plebs.

But sometimes they say such the most ridiculous things.

As you'll have seen from my previous post, City were beaten today by a mediocre Ipswich team that had more guile in one player than we've got in most of our squad.

Very shortly after the match, City striker Jay Bothroyd, tweeted "If we play like that we will def get promotion can't believe we lost that game "

Now where I come from, losing games, and getting NO points, is generally not the way to get promoted. There's absolutely no point in playing well if you don't turn that into points.

Now before everyone goes off on one, I'm generally a fan of Bothroyd. He had storming first half of the season, though personally, since his England cap and return from injury I think he's looked a bit "precious". He has undoubted skill, but is currently spending too much time with his hands in the air claiming fouls or the floor looking aghast at why he hasn't been given a free kick. However, I digress.

I'm sure he meant this tweet in the right way. I'm sure I could be more objective and say I understand what he's saying; that if we continue to play well, chances will come (and be taken), we will pick up points and we will be promoted. But that's at least one "if" and three "possibly's". I'm not that optimistic.

But tonight, I'm not being objective. I've spent more of my hard earned (relatively speaking as I've got a season ticket) going to the match, paid money for a programme, two 50/50 tickets to support the academy, drinks and food for my daughter, and watched a bunch of blokes trying to pass a bag of wind about, who are being paid handsomely to do so. And often they couldn't even do that.

We hear all the rhetoric. We (try) and remain positive, we support the team through thick and thin, we watch them lose against teams they should be hammering....

And then we see people say if we keep playing like that (erm ..... losing) we'll definitely be promoted.

We won't Jay.

The only way we'll be promoted is if we win (and that's the crucial word, win) more matches than everyone else around us. It'll be no good saying at the end of April/May when God forbid we're consigned to another year of Championship football, ah, but we played well.

I'm stopping now, because I'm getting really mad the more I write.


stabber said...

Sorry Stats, I agree with Bothroyd. City were fantastic tonight for an hour.

Played superb football, but were denied by woodwork, dodgy linesmen and incredible efforts that were inches wide that on another night would have flown in.

Ipswich are our bogey team.

Bothryod said: If City play like that for the rest of the season they will be promoted. I agree

Jones in.

Statto said...

"....on another night would have flown in".

But they didn't fly in pal, and that's the point. It's all hypothetical if it doesn't go in. We can play outstanding football every minute of every game remaining, but if we don't score and they do we're stuffed.

Great pictures by the way. Keep it up (the pictures that is ;-)