Sunday, February 20, 2011

Slip sliding away...: Forest 2-1 City

Not much of a report this week, as 1) frankly I've just been too busy, and 2) I'm feeling pretty depressed about it all.

City again failed to show the necessary mettle to beat one of the other Championship high flyers, and I'm wondering (again), why with the quality we supposedly have, we can't really turn the screw.

Yes, it's been a decent run of late (too many draws for me), but we just can't seem to put a run together that has other sides/commentators saying "look out, watch Cardiff go".

Massive match v Leicester on Tuesday. Despite the fact there are still a lot of matches to go, I'm now beginning to think that a play off spot rather than automatic promotion is the more likely. And frankly, that gives me the willies. I really don't want to go through the play off saga again (though I'd take it rather than finish 7th or below), but it is a lottery. And I don't like lotteries, and the pain of last year's day out at Wembley is still very, very hard to bear.

So come on City. Pull your collective fingers out, and lets win at least 10 of the remaining games, though it might take more than that now for automatic.

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