Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Blackpool: What are they on?

Though it pains me to say it after losing out to them in the Championship Play Off Final last May, Blackpool are making a great fist of their Premier League debut.

A side that came from nowhere in the second tier last year is now sitting in 9th spot in the biggest league in the world after defeating Liverpool under new (again) manager "King" Kenny Dalglish.

I don't know what Ian Holloway is feeding his lads on, but I wish he'd send some of it down to Cardiff. Picked by almost every pundit as an absolute certainty to go straight back down, the Tangerines are defying all odds, as they play generally attractive and attacking football. They don't seem to realise they're supposed to be second best to everyone else in the league.

Of course, it could still all go horribly wrong. Remember Hull, who made such a great start in their first season up in the Premiership. Didn't last. And though they escaped relegation that year but the skin of their teeth, they didn't the second time around and they're now 15th in the Championship. I genuinely wish Blackpool well. No really I do. I didn't, but I was one of the people that thought they'd be lucky to win a game, and they've proved me wrong, so good luck to them. And I love their manager. Mad as a hatter.

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