Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Ashes - they're ours....again!

Ho ho ho! What a Merry Christmas it's been for the England boys down under. Despite a minor blip in Perth where Mitchell Johnson had a good couple of hours, the South Africans England players have dominated the Ashes series, and with one test to go have successfully retained the little urn.

I've forced myself to stay up late to watch at least the early hours of most days play so far, and England have been superb throughout. Only Paul Collingwood has really failed to shine, but his fielding remains a constant threat and he's snaffled a good few catches.

The top order batters, and Bell when he's been called on have been monstrous, and the bowlers superb throughout. The management of the team, and selection, especially post Stuart Broad's exit through injury have been spot on.

The series is not yet won however. A 3-1 scoreline - or even the current 2-1 would be far preferable to the Aussies clawing back to 2-2.

Talking of the Aussies, they have, bar Hussey, Haddin and twice Siddle, been atrocious. I'm not worried - indeed long may it continue. It's nice to see them struggling so much after thrashing the hell out of us over the last 20 or so years. Ponting, the skipper, has had a personal mare of a series, but few have come out much better, the selectors included. Ponting has been barely able to buy a run, he broke his finger in the last test, played though this one and is now out for the final rubber. Will that be it for "Punter" both as a test player and as skipper. It may well be. Much though I want him to lose, he has been a superb player for the Aussies. It's a shame a lot of people will remember him as one of a few (only two?) Australian skips who have lost the Ashes three times. Well, maybe not.

So, onward and upward lads. Make it 3-1 in Sydney, then win the T20 and one day series, and then the World Cup. Please?

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