Sunday, November 21, 2010

City felled by Forest: City 0-2 Forest

We've been away for the weekend, so myself & Ministats were sadly unable to take our usual seats at the CCS for this match.

As it turned out, that may not have been too much of a bad thing. We were actually staying in an area of west Wales with n phone signal, so my usual mode of communication -iPhone and a combination of Twitter, SMS, the Internet and various football score type "apps" was u/s. I had to resort to a charming old method of being kept up to date, something called a wireless or, some would say radio. And even then I only managed to catch snatches. And the news coming down the wires (or rather over the airwaves) was not good.

The first time I tuned in City had just gone a goal down. Later, as I tuned in the periods in the second half, it sounded like it was all Forest, and when I heard the second goal in for the visitors, well, I just switched off.

This was a poor defeat for City. Beaten at home two games on the bounce is not championship winning or even promotion winning form. I'm not talking about the game specifically, as it would be wrong given I wasn't there. But we have to win our home games, and we have to show more than we have so far this season.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not a Dave Jones "out" man. I think he's done great things for the club. But we're right up there having played mediocre stuff for half the games this season, and have got away with it. We haven't with few exceptions, Leeds for example, been outstanding, and although the wheels haven't totally come off, there are signs that we are stuttering, and we've seen that all too often before.

I still maintain we have the squad, individuals and management team to win automatic promotion. But we won't if we keep losing home games to teams who want it more than us.

And the mantra that "it's the way teams set up when they come to Cardiff" wears thin. If they come prepared to soak up pressure (and there's no suggestion Forest did that) we have to adapt. And of all the things Dave Jones has been criticised for over the years, his alleged inability to adapt has to be the one closest to the mark.

we need to get back on track with a few wins.

C'mon City

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