Tuesday, August 24, 2010

City out of Beer (sorry Carling) Cup: Peterborough 2-1 City

Posh stuffed us last year at London Road, and they grabbed a later winner to dump us out of the Beer (sorry Carling) Cup tonight.

City, without Craig Bellamy, the injured Michael Chopra and the soon to be a Leeds Utd player (?) Ross McCormack were 1-0 up at half time through Jay Bothroyd, but conceded in the 74th and 88th minutes to crash out.

I know a lot of people don't rate the Beer (sorry Carling) Cup, but it's a money spinner if you stay in and there's silverware. On the flip side, no more distractions until January keeps players fit and focused on the League. Your call.

Given City's history (well as long as I've been watching them), one or more of several things happened at/after half time. Tick as many of the following that apply.
  1. They were complacent (quite probably)
  2. Dave Jones said "Well done lads, lets try and hang on" (we know what happens when they try and do that. Arsenal under George Graham they are not)
  3. Our rubbish defence got found out (yes)
  4. They had a shocking second period due to points 1, 2 and 3 above (often the case when they are leading 1-0 at HT)
  5. They were tired probably from such a long journey on a luxury coach (poor dabs)
  6. They couldn't care less about the Beer (sorry Carling) Cup (well I don't think DJ does anyway - he sees it as a early season training programme to get players match fit)
  7. They decided at half time to concentrate on the League (probably not but it's a good cliché when you've been dumped out of the Beer (sorry Carling) and/or FA Cup
  8. Our rubbish defence got found out....oh, I've done that one. Still worth repeating it.
  9. A poorer team (on paper) upped their game to try and get one over (successfully) on a club that's hogged the limelight in the last week signing a fantastic Premiership quality player who didn't play, and we didn't up our game to match. Oh, that's complacency again. Sorry. No, I'm not.
  10. Our rubbish defence got found out. Have I said that before?
I just feel sorry for the fans that made a long trip and watched us capitulate. And to make it worse, the Jacks came from behind to beat Tranmere.

Still, at least we can concentrate on the League now ;-)

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