Sunday, June 06, 2010

Dem bones

I really should know better.

I forget how many times I've "retired" from playing cricket, but it's a lot. I'm more than content now to watch from the sidelines as Mini Stats plays and maybe score the occasional game. I'm involved enough with everything in the club that I can't get away from the game, without having to play as well with failing eyesight, dodgy bones (especially knee).

Anyhow, took Mini along to our Sunday friendly away fixture today only to find out we had two "no-shows". I volunteered to step in as it would have been a poor show for us to field only 9 men. I grabbed some borrowed whites that were a little on the snug side, and fielded 40 over in my trainers. Luckily I didn't have to chase too many, but when I did, boy did my knee hurt.

After tea, chasing 170, the skipper asked me to bat at 3. Whilst I'd have been happy bating down the order, my pride took the better of me and I said yes. Again with completely borrowed kit (including box), I managed to bat through from 5-1 in the third over to the winning post scoring 64 not out on the way. Most of them came in boundaries, so again not too much running, although the odd three didn't do me any good!!

So despite me trying to give up, I still get wheeled out occasionally, and there's life in the old dog yet. But I really ache and hurt after all that. My knee which isn't great at the best of times feels like a bunch of mashed up bones. It really is time to let the younger crowd do all this.....until the next time

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