Wednesday, June 30, 2010

City not out of the mire yet?

There seems to be a general consensus around, that although Cardiff City have some shiny new investors, all is still not well at the club I support.

So far there has been no talk or sign of new players coming in. To be fair, it's still early days, and with the World Cup still in full swing, many football people's eyes are still on South Africa rather than the to-ing and fro-ing of UK player transfers. Once everyone's back from holiday/South Africa, no doubt we'll see some activity.

Worse, there are reports today that seem to be true that this months wages have been paid late (again). This is allegedly down to red tape and problems at the bank end rather than not having any money...ahem..., but is worrying nonetheless coming so soon after our tax and debt problems seemed to be resolved.

Finally, although it was almost inevitable, it looks like we might lose Joe Ledley to Stoke.
Now, personally, and I might get shot down in flames (or worse) by some other Bluebirds fans, I think Ledley is over-rated, but he is a real focus for fans and the media as a home grown Cardiff boy. If he wants, and can get premiership football, then good luck to him, though I wouldn't have Stoke at the top of my list of Premiership teams to want to go to.

Worse, we probably won't get a pot load of money for him. Stoke, who are like a dog with a bone here, offered us £6m about 18 months ago and we snuffed it. I bet we won't get close to that now.

There's plenty of time before the season kicks off on 7th August (8th for us), but I just get the feelings everything is still a bit unsettled.

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