Saturday, March 13, 2010

Outfoxed: Leicester 1-0 City

City's onfield woes continue, this time on the wrong end of a one nil scoreline at the Walker's Stadium.

The bright spot for City was seeing the return of Stephen McPhail, who we've sorely missed in the centre of midfield. But although the midfield is a concern, the biggest problem is at the back, where pretty ordinary defending yet again accounted for the hosts goal.

City have now only won once in the last 7 games, and lost 5 of those including the the FA Cup loss to Chelsea. How we are still in 6th spot beggars belief, but we are, and with a game in hand over most of those around us. Nevertheless, unless we can turn this run around, we aren't going to be there for very long, and this could very quickly turn into another case of "so nearly".

C'mon City, pull your finger out!

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