Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blindingly good customer service

As regular readers of this blog will know, I've got a thing about customer service.

Recently I needed some spare parts for some vertical blinds - we've got them all over the house - in fact most houses on this estate gave - must have been a job lot when the estate was built. My googling took me to e-bay (inevitably) and specifically an e-bay shop called Blind Spares.

I ordered the parts I needed that arrived very quickly and as required (you never know with e-bay). I then found I needed to order some additional but different parts - digressing, our kitten, who's now 8 months old had basically eaten/destroyed all the beaded strings that keep the things together as well as the anchors on the weights that they clip to!

So I confidently ordered the extra parts, and the package again arrived quickly, but the wrong parts. Handily, there was a business card in the package, so I rang, where a very polite lady called Fran said she'd check my order and post out the new parts if indeed it was their error not mine in ordering - turned out it was as they'd had a glitch in their order page - I'd ordered the correct bits but they came up wrong on their report.

I was very surprised when the very next day my (correct) parts arrived - with an apology note from said Fran.

Although you might expect good customer service, sadly I find it's not generally universal. Blind Spares are quick efficient, and having spoke to a real person, I also find them polite and helpful.

If you need replacement blind parts, I'd recommend them wholeheartedly

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