Monday, January 04, 2010

The Magic of the Cup

Well City's postponed match against Bristol City will be replayed next Tuesday - assuming the thaw's set in by then. Assuming we can get past the wurzels a glamour tie against Leicester (joke - sorry Foxes fans) awaits.

Looking back at the weekend, much as I don't like Leeds (odd as I once supported them as a spotty youth), I was please to see them dump Man Utd out of the cup. In fact I'd have been pleased to see anyone dump MU out. Not because I hate MU, but because every year deserves at least one big upset, and this was certainly as good as us beating Leeds when they were top of the Premiership back in 2002.

I particularly enjoyed Sir Alex having to find excuses like moaning about the fact that the ref had "only" allowed five minutes of added time. I bet if the boot had been on the other foot he would have been moaning about that too.

Anyway, lets hope we can get past both Bristol and Leicester - not a forgone conclusion given our recent form - and pick up our own big tie. Have to be Hull then (another joke).

Up the City!

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