Saturday, January 30, 2010

My moment of glory

As I arrived at the match today, I was collared as we were walking round the stadium by a chap who asked me if I'd be prepared to say a few words to camera about the recent goings on at Cardiff City. Never the shy one, I duly obliged, and now you can see me in all my glory on this WalesOnline video-clip. You need to wait for the Holiday on Ice advertisment to complete, and then it's straight into my clip.

It's not me at my most fluent (but I didn't swear!), but it certainly helped having put some thoughts down on this blog over the last couple of days, as it meant I wasn't speaking completely off the cuff. Could have done with a make up girl around too I think.....

Needless to say they've cut a fair bit out (but I expected that), and they spelt my name wrong - it's Hiscocks not Hiscox, a common and easy mistake to make - he didn't ask me to spell it. Sometimes I just wish my family name was "Smith" or "Brown"!

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