Sunday, January 10, 2010

Customer service - not here sir

We've just come back from an afternoon out in Cardiff with friends. We went to the panto, an annual trip for us - this year it was the John Barrowman Show, sorry I mean Robin Hood starring John Barrowman. Actually, the show, and John Barrowman were both very good.

Afer the show, as is our custom we went for a meal in town. Town (as we call Cardiff) was pretty quiet, and the pub/restaurant we went into was apparently entirely empty when we walked in apart from one couple who were already eating.

We were seated, ordered drinks which came after about 5 min, and then ordered our food. Slowly, the place began to get slightly busier. However, after about 45m the waitress came up and said that they had a party in the upstairs function room who had come in at 2pm (we arrived at about 3:40pm) and who had ordered late, and they'd only just finished cooking their food and were starting ours, and apologised for the delay.

We were a bit miffed as they'd given no indication when we arrived that there would be a delay (or else we'd have gone elsewhere). Anyway, we stuck with it as she said our food was now being cooked.

About half an hour later, after three other tables who had arrived after us had received their food we tackled the waitress again who said it had been quicker to serve other smaller parties - there being 9 of us. Eh? since when does the size of the party dictate when you get your food?

We were just about to walk out, but they muttered something about discount and that our food was just being plated.

Shortly after the food arrived. Whilst is was very nice, it had taken almost an hour and a half to arrive, which clearly hadn't been communicated as a possibility when we'd arrived. Needless to say we were not impressed. A discount on our bill helped, but it was a bit of a sour end to what otherwise had been a nice afternoon.

Customer service, and good communication doesn't cost much.

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