Friday, January 29, 2010

Chelski here we come...

Well, despite all the grim news around Cardiff City at the moment, on a brighter note Mini & I have got our tickets for the 5th round FA Cup tie at Stamford Bridge. Should be a good day out, and we're looking forward to it.

For one reason or another we rarely get to an away game, though hardly ever miss a home game. Reading the CCFC messageboard tonight though it seems a few people have an issue with people who don't usually travel away getting preference for these Chelsea tickets. In fact there are always disgruntled people when we draw a "big" club containing they can't get tickets.

The bottom line as far as I'm concerned is I usually stump up for my season tickets 6 months or so ahead of each season, so any attempt to say I don't deserve to attend any particular match gets right up my nose. And just because I don't can't get to away games regularly, doesn't make me any less of a worthy fan. We attend all the home FA Cup and Carling Cup matches too, on top of our season ticket costs, and being one of only just over 6,000 who turned out to watch the replay against Bristol City last week, and then be there in a crowd of less than 11,000 who watched City beat Leicester 4 days later in the 4th round, does I think signify our commitment as fans.

Oops, this post started out quite positively, but's become more of a rant the further I've got. Sorry.

Up the City.

By the way, we 'll be there against Doncaster tomorrow as well.

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