Wednesday, January 06, 2010

At last - a decent todo app for the iPhone?

My chum Murray over at Palm-Mac recently posted about a new todo app called "2Do" which caught my attention.

Ever since getting the iPhone more than a year ago, I'e really struggled to find a todo app that I liked and fitted my fairly modest requirements.

I'm not a student of the "getting things done" (or GTD) brigade, I don't particularly want enormous power in a todo app. I just want to be able to list todo's, perhaps categorise them, and importantly set an alert based on a time. This seems to be the really hard thing to find. Most of the todo apps I've tried can do all of the above bus generally the actual todo is given a date on which it should be done, sometimes a time but rarely an audible alert. I'm sure there must be apps out there that do that, and no doubt someone somewhere will point that out to me.

Anyway, as a result I've taken to putting all my todos that are important enough to require a reminder into my calendar as an event. In many ways this has sufficed, and I haven't really missed not having a todo app (actually I do have one - Appigo's ToDo which incidentally does have the ability to put a time, but not an alert. I've never really got on with it though for some reason). However, Murray's post asa I say caught my eye, and for the same reason the app caught his eye - it's a really nice interface. Now a nice interface does not a great app make in isolation, but it's hardly expensive at £3.49 so I'm giving it a shot.

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