Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad

So this is what all the hype was about. Everyone else in the world is having their say, so here's mine.

It looks very much like an oversize iPod. Apple call it their third device - something that presumably fits between iPhone/iPod Touch and Macbook/Pro laptops. It certainly didn't blow me away in terms of looks and specs, and many have commented that it's incomplete because it'll be running OS3.2, not an OS4.0 - presumably that will come in time.....I don't think there's anything staggering here in terms of new ides, so it's a little bit of a let down on that front, given the "Wow" that the original iPhone generated.

I can't really get excited by this - yet. My mobile technological need are comfortably met by my iPhone and Macbook Pro. A tablet device would be too big for when I don't need a laptop, and too small for when I do.

The most obvious use, and one which Apple are clearly pushing is it's potential as an e-book reader. Priced where it is, it surely has the Kindle in it's sights. But I'm not an e-book fan, so no point in me getting one for that.

Murray over at Palm-Mac does have a good point though, in that sooner or later you'll be able to watch TV on it, and as a mobile TV device you can pick it up, wander into the conservatory to watch the footie. But you can do it on a laptop too....or if you have a TV in the conservatory anyway.

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