Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quiet times

There's not much happening at Chez Statto currently, other than the inevitable build up to Christmas, so I haven't posted much of late.

No doubt once Santa has visited there'll be shiny gadget news to post (I hope), but until then, I can't see much to report about.

I managed to wipe my daughter's iPod touch a few days ago - I think because it hadn't been synced with a PC since I upgraded to Windows 7 and pressed "Erase and sync" when prompted after I plugged it in.

I've also just done exactly the same bloody thing with my iPhone on my Mac, but thankfully it only wiped the music not the apps, so re-syncing my tunes wasn't very painful!

I'm also trying our Garage Band's ability to make ringtones, and that's proving remarkably straightforward

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