Friday, October 16, 2009

Victim of card fraud

I regret to say that I've been a victim of card fraud.

I had a voice message yesterday to call the bank - the message said the line was open 24 hrs. Odd. Normally, they just ask me to call back "at my convenience" because they want to "review your account" (i.e. sell you something).

Anyway, rang the number and got through the the "Fraud line". Oh dear. Call was answered by a very dour person who obviously wasn't in the mood for light hearted conversation or chit-chat who asked me if I'd made a £30 payment on my card in the last couple of days for a Vodafone top-up. I hadn't, and no-one in my family is on a Voda account.

I was informed that someone had got hold of my details (duh!) and used them fraudulently. To be fair the gentlemen was very professional, told me to destroy my card straight away and a new one would be with me forthwith (Royal Mail permitting of course).

When I asked how they'd noticed this, he was very guarded and said only that they monitor known fraud trends very stringently.

Worryingly, I haven't used my card across a counter since I don't know when - possible the last time was in July when on holiday when I hired a car. I have though made a number of purchases lately and wonder whether somehow it's linked to that? However it's happened though it's worrying. I've never had any problems with my credit card before.

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