Thursday, October 29, 2009

Palm Pre - where is it?

I was at one of these large out of town retail "villages" this morning, and there was an O2 store there, with big posters of the Palm Pre stuck to all it's windows. Whilst the missus was off in another girly shop I snuck in on the pretence of having my first real life look at a Pre - purely for research purposes you understand.

I was disappointed to find that none were on display. There were two Touchstone chargers there, but sadly no Pre's sitting on them. I wasn't going to be in there long enough to ask them if they had one available to look at - and they might have thought I was going to buy one!

It's funny. If this had been the iPhone, I reckon they'd have had three of four out on display. Maybe they'd just sold the last one, though as this was early-ish in the day I doubt it, or maybe they hadn't got round to putting them out - in which case they're not very good at their job.

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