Thursday, October 01, 2009


Migraines. If you've ever had one, you'll know about it. I didn't used to be a sufferer, but in the last three or four years I've had them on and off. This year it's been a 'mare and I've had a dozen or so. Eyes were tested earlier this year, and though I need glasses for close work, they haven't deteriorated much.

I can feel them coming on and nothing stops it. All the usual over the counter remedies and some herbal ones I've tried don't touch it. I get nauseous, can' concentrate and they hurt like hell - usually right at the back of the left eye.

Through trial and error I've started to narrow down the triggers. Red wine and dark chocolate seem to be the main protagonists, and I avoid them. Cheese is said to be another, but luckily for me as a cheese monster, it doesn't seem to cause them.

I've had one this week that's lasted since Saturday. Saturday wasn't great, Sunday was awful, improved Monday and Tuesday, appeared to have gone on Wednesday and came back with a vengeance today. Went to the GP and he prescribed a drug called Rizatriptan. Took a dose at 12:15 and by 1:30 the migraine had all but gone (aided by a hours dozing). Remarkable. Comes with a list of side effects as long as your arm though....

If you're a sufferer I commiserate. If you're not, you're very lucky.

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