Friday, October 30, 2009

Messenger bag and office suite for Macbook Pro

Now I'm the proud owner of a Macbook Pro (at least I will be on Monday), I needed a bag to carry is around in. After all what's the point of a 13" portable notebook if you're not going to carry it around?

I wanted a messenger type bag, but not one that looks like it's just a "business" laptop bag. Had a butchers today in Staples and then PC World, and have gone for a "Swordfish Borneo" bag from the latter store. It's a fetching dark brown with a grey panel on the front which includes the swordfish motif. It's not garish and it's not an "I'm a businessman" type bag.

It's not too big, but will allegedly house a 15.4" lappie if needed. Padding seems decent, it's got a clip fastening rather than just velcro, and importantly (for me anyway), it's got plenty of extra pockets and places to store stuff. At £25 I thought it was a bit of a bargain.

I'm also going to need an office suite. I've heard a few bad things about MS Office for Mac, so am steering clear for the moment. I've bought a copy of iWork which will probably be more than enough for me, and I'll see how I get on. If it doesn't work out, I might try the free "NeoOffice", a variant on "Open Office"

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