Monday, August 24, 2009

Windows 7 again

So, Microsoft have finally given in and decided that it will make a Family Pack version of its new OS, Windows 7, available in Europe before 2010. They weren't going to for various reasons I won't go into here but are well documented if you're inclined to have a quick Google.

Couple of observations from me as a result.

I had pre-ordered a version (the "E") version that effectively was a full Windows install sans Microsoft Explorer, meaning I'd have had to install my own browser. Now they've reletned, and the new OS will ship with a "browser ballot" allowing you to install one of Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox or Chrome (I think).

But now this is happening, there's no "E" version, so what will I get? My Amazon order page is still showing Windows 7 E, but maybe it's early days.

Anyway, onto the Family Pack. This wasn't available when I pre-ordered, or I would have taken the offer. It allows you to install the OS on up to 3 PC's. With 2 desktops, and the outside chance of an Apple Mac coming my way in November, this would have been ideal, though the price of £150 that's been quoted doesn't work out any less cheap (per licence) than the £48 I paid for my pre-order.

I'll have to see over the coming days if any of this settles down and becomes a bit clearer. Will I be able to "cancel" or upgrade my single licence pre-order to a Family Pack (and do I want to?)

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