Saturday, August 15, 2009


All this sudden excitement over "Twibbons" - small images on your Twitter avatar (see example pic with popular "I love the NHS" twibbon) caused me to go and have a gander.

Looks neat I thought, I'll put a Bluebird in my Avatar picture to show I support the City (what do you mean you didn't know?)

Anyway, followed instructions, but got the whole Bluebird image instead of just a small one overlaying my avatar. Am I thick or something. Worse, there's no was to delete these things yet (coming in a future update).

You can revert to your original avatar, which I did, but spookily although it's fine on Twitter from my PC, it's still showing the Bluebird on Twitterlator feeds on my iPhone. Bizarre.

All my avatars are showing normally now. Might just leave the Twibbon thing....

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