Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So what's been happening?

Well we're back from our hols. Got back into Cardiff at about 10:20pm last night (though we were running on Greek time so it was twenty past midnight for us. Back in the house by just after 11pm though, so no hanging around. Luckily we live just about a 10m taxi ride from the airport.

First up, our bunny went to bunny heaven during our absence - actually only a day or so ago. The person looking after it fed it one day and found it paws up the next. It was quite old though, and not totally unexpected. I buried it today, first job of the day. Nice - not.

The garden is predictably overgrown having had 2 weeks of rain (makes me feel better that we didn't have nice weather here whilst we were away). A couple of my courgettes have turned into marrows, the tomatoes haven't ripened (no sun) and the runner beans are marvellous. Flowers look jaded and the grass is boggy and long.

We've done about 6 lots of washing today - luckily the sun has come out so hasn't been too bad, and the wife's been to do the Tesco's run.

I've sorted through my personal emails (I read then all whilst away on my iPhone) but some had attachments I didn't bother downloading.

Snail mail was mostly junk. Only about two "real" bits of post in a pile several inches high.

Have uploaded my photos to the PC, and must upload them to Flickr later so you all can see what a great time we had!

Mind turning to grotty old work now. Back in tomorrow. Bah!

Took a quick trip to PC world to satisfy my gadget lust after 2 weeks with only my iPhone. Read more on this in my next post.

So, almost back to normal.

When's my next holiday? Actually, I know, but I'm not telling you - yet!

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