Thursday, August 06, 2009

RIP Gizmo

Having returned from holiday on a high, this week is rapidly turning into a real bummer.

First as reported in an earlier post, we got out of the taxi from the airport to find a note pinned to our front door from our neighbours warning us to "Read this before doing anything", which we duly did to find that our rabbit had died whilst we were away.

Then this morning (a day and a half later), I got a call from a local vet surgery to say that our beloved cat Gizmo had been brought in after being run over and had died. We're all pretty distraught. We'd only had Gizzie just over a year after getting him from a rescue home and though he was very aloof at times, a real outdoors cat and not particularly "cuddly", he was a big part of our family.

He was only about 4, and had experienced a hard life in his time before he came to us. He had a wonky leg courtesy of a previous nasty break, only three-quarters of a tail, and permanent scratch marks on his nose from his insistence on fighting other cats (he was a wuss really - all mouth and trousers).

We'd like to think that his time with us was happy (he seemed so).

This picture was taken just yesterday.

RIP Gizzie

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