Monday, August 17, 2009

iPhone. A D'oh moment

Do you recall that incredibly powerful phone? You know, the one everyone raves about that can sing, dance, make the tea. It's a smartphone you know. Good for consumers and, we're increasingly told, good for business.

Well today I cam across one of those "bugger - I'd forgotten all about that" moments, when someone sent me an RTF (rich text format) file as an attachment to an email.

Now the beauty of an RTF file is it was developed by Microsoft (and maybe there's a clue there) for cross platform document exchange. That's right, you don't need MS Word to view an RTF file, and half decent platform with appropriate software can read an RTF file.

Except the iPhone.

It can handle .doc, .pdf, .xls files but not bloody .rtf!

Apple's oversights are at times frankly incredulous. Excuse me whilst I go and bang my head against a wall. I'm sure there's a solution somewhere, but it should just work dammit.

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