Sunday, July 05, 2009

Wifi access/Data roaming (again)

I've previously posted about data roaming charges, but a couple of days ago emailed the hotel we'll be staying at in Kefalonia, to ask them how flexible their wifi access is. Often, with hotels, it's only via a locked down PC.

The hotel emailed me back today and confirmed that I would indeed be able to access the wifi via my iPhone (or laptop if I had one) for 3 euros an hour. Now I'm not going to be doing much browsing whilst over there, but this will be ample for me to collect my (personal) emails, post to the blog and maybe a daily Twitter update.
Even if I used an hour's worth every day for a fortnight (which I won't) it'll work out cheaper than an O2 Data 50 bolt on, which would set me back £50.

Hopefully that's sorted me out now on that front. Whilst I was at it I asked them to confirm we had a room with a balcony and sea view, which they've done. Oh, bliss - can't wait to watch the sun setting over the Ionian sea....might even post a pic on this blog!

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