Friday, July 03, 2009

New City Stadium opener

Cardiff City play the first match at the new stadium tomorrow when a "Legends" match sees some old City heroes wheeled out to play.

I'm sure it will be an emotional moment for many, but I won't be there. I just can't get fired up about these sort of things generally, and anyway I should be supporting the cricket club's 2nd XI who are playing at home (chairmanly duties and all that).

The real business doesn't kick off until 8th August as far as I'm concerned, and even that's still in the middle of the cricket season!

Anyway, as I'm on the subject of the beautiful game (football), City have made a few signings this week. In come Mark Hudson (Charlton) and Liverpudlian Gerrard, though sadly it's not Stevie G, but cousing Anthony from the mighty Walsall (I jest of course). Also looking likely is Motherwell's Paul Quinn. Well hopefully they'll stop the goals being scored. Ross McCormack our prolific striker has penned another contract (thank Gawd for that), sol hopefully he & Chops will bag hatfuls of goals, though it would be nice to have a striker above 3ft 4in in the team. All we need now is some midfielders, because the one's we've got (possibly Ledley and Rae apart) aren't up to much.

Anthony Gerrard & Paul Quinn

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