Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mobile devices: A triangle?

Read an interesting post over at jkOnTheRun today where Kevin Tofel outlines his view of the dilemma facing those who use mobile devices, and particularly those who are always searching for the "ultimate" device. The post is in generally in relation to the AsusEee 1101HA netbook, but his key point is this:

He says:

"One of our mantras here bears repeating — mobile technology is all about compromise. I look at it as a triangle, in which each point is a mobile device attribute: performance, price and power efficiency. As you move closer to one point, you move further away from one or two other points. Put another way: You can’t buy a portable device today for a few hundred dollars that offers desktop-replacement performance and all-day computing."

I think this is a fascinating but simple insight to mobile technology, and what users want/need from it. We're always trying to square the circle (or as Kevin would have us believe traingle) for that ultimate device that does everything the way we want it to.

Clearly it doesn't exist at the moment, there's always compromise. With the triangle model in mind, I wonder if we ever will?

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