Sunday, July 26, 2009


We've been here 5 days now not including the day we travelled and we haven't seen a cloud in the sky yet! It's been seriously hot,a lthough today it's been masked a little (but only a little) by a very strong breeze that's been blowing all day long. Forecast is for it to calm down tomorrow so back to being blistering I expect!

We hire a car tomorrow for 3 days to allow us to see a little of the island under our own steam. Looking forward to it though the kids aren't.

On Friday we went on the "Onassis" cruise. An all dayer on a boat to see Skorpios, the island owned by the late Aristotle Onassis and his wife Jackie Kennedy. We also stopped off at the island of Meganissi and Lefkada. I saw a flying fish on the way out.

Yesterday was a beach day. Down the steps and onto the beach! Snorkelling is good - loads of fish to see and of course the water is warm - once you're in- and crystal clear.

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