Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ashes (low) lights

Mini and I have spent a day (well two thirds of a day) at the SWALEC Stadium in Cardiff watching Australia tighten their already strong hold on the first Ashes Test.

I got these tickets for a Father's Day present (lucky me), but the forecast for today was dreadful, so we turned up early armed with brolly, raincoats and glasses to read the very small print on the refund policy in the event of a curtailed day's play.

However, though the clouds threatened early on, the rain, forecast to arrive about 12pm didn't, and we were treated to the Aussie batters North and Haddin, showing England how it should be done. Both reached impressive centuries, and after lunch with brightening skies they took the England attack apart. Ricky "Punter" Ponting, the Oz slip, duly declared when they were zillions ahead, leaving England with a tricky seven or so overs to bat before tea. By now, the rain was threatening. TMS commentator Jonathan Agnew who I follow on Twitter (@aggerscricket) was tweeting first that rain ad reached Cork, then Swansea (by watching it's progress on the immensely useful, by which time I'd had a call from my wife in Barry (about 6 miles as the crow flies) saying it was heaving down.

The lights came on just before tea to stave off the dreaded "bad light" scenario (why didn't anyone do this before?), but just as tea came round with England already 2 down - one plumb LBW (Cook) and one shocker of an LBW decision (Bopara) - Billy Doctrove that was a horrendous decision - the rain came, and it stayed.

That was it - a lot of wet cricket fans making their way home. Me & Mini have had a great day - first ever visit to a Test for either of us (thanks Anne), and we got 4 hours of play in when I expected no more than an hour. Now will watch on the box tomorrow and hope England can bat all day to save the game. I'm not optimistic.

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