Sunday, June 14, 2009

Twitpocalypse and the iPhone

In a move that will no doubt annoy my learned Father who thinks I'm overly obsessed with things gadgety and suchlike, I have to report that as a user of the micro-blogging service "Twitter", I've been having trouble with my Twitter client of choice, Twitterific from the Iconfactory.

I'm not going to go into the depths of what Twitter is about - that's been done to death elsewhere. Whether you think it's pointless or not, the fact is that it can be very useful.

The problem I've been experiencing is this. When I try and log into Twitter via my Twitter client of choice, Twitterific, on my iPhone I get the following error message..." (Twitter API Error The connection to Twitter failed with 'Operation could not be completed. (YAJL error 3.)' This is apparently known as the Twitpocalypse problem.

Now it appears the cause of the problem is this. Every "Tweet" (message" is given a unique ID number, and Twitterific has hit a problem whereby the sheer number of Tweets in the system has hit a point where the incremental unique ID number cannot be recognised (or so I'm told).

So, what to do. The Iconfactory have posted a message saying they're working on a fix, have submitted an update to the App Store but have no idea when this will get through.

Luckily there are a load of different Twitter clients around for the iPhone, so in the meantime I've switched to "Twitterfon" another free client (beset by some ads, but bearable. So far it looks good, and at least I can satisfy my Twitter obsession.

If you know about these things, you can follow me on Twitter via my username @Statto1927

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