Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pipex, Tiscali, whoever - crap

My ISP is Pipex. Or rather was until they were taken over by Tiscali. Or rather was until Tiscali was taken over by Carphone Warehouse (are you getting a sense of a pattern here?)

Anyway, the long and short of it is I've been with them years, mostly because at first they provided a decent service. Since the Tiscali takeover a few years ago the service has deteriorated, and lately has been poorer still, espcially in the evenings. Think BT throttling and you'll get a sense of what I experience msot evenings.

Anyhows, I've just been too lazy to be arsed to move to another provider.

Today I've been unable to access my websapce - or rather I can't access any of my 4 websites

All I get is a dreaded page not found 404 error. Pipex web pages don't indicate anything wrong with the service, and no reports of an outage.

I'm seriously considering moving to another ISP or at least moving my websites to a hosted service. Anyone any thoughts on what/who?

I'm getting closer to

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