Saturday, June 06, 2009

Palm Pre teething troubles

Well, today's the day the Palm Pre was released in the US - no sign of it over here. How's it going down? Well, it's hard to say without first hand experience, but it's certainly been hyped a lot.

However, reading the Forums at Precentral it seems all is not rosy.
  • First, there's a software update available on launch day (hmm..) and reports are that it requires a lengthy re-boot process
  • There are also reports of dead pixels in units and even more worryingly a report from one of those with that problem that Palm have told them it's not a warranty issue. Eh?
  • Others are reporting light leakage at the bottom of the screen
So, a great start then. Given the apparent limited numbers of units available to vendors on launch day, it rather makes you wonder if the launch hasn't all been a bit rushed and Palm have had problems at manufacture, but having said that it's been almost 6 months since the device was showcased. Maybe they're "rushing" to trump the next gen iPhone which is widely rumoured to be unveiled by Apple on Monday.

Who knows? On the plus side, not having the device launch in the UK just yet means we can sit back and watch our American cousins "beta test" the device in the wild. On the downside, it really makes you wonder, if despite the pre-launch hype Palm have already blown any credibility they might have regained over the last few months.

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